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Memorial Day Parade

Date of Parade: Saturday, May 25, 2024
Location: West Rd., Trenton
Report Time: Students report to Staging Area no later than 9:30pm
Parade Time: Parade begins at 10am

Important times and details:

  • Students report to the parade line-up area at the corner of Charlton and Gorno by 9:30am. See map below.
  • Parade will begin promptly at 10:00am. Students are dismissed at conclusion of the parade at the Trenton Library.
  • Students will wear the Arthurs Band T-Shirts and shorts.
  • DO NOT bring your instrument case to the parade line-up area – arrive at this starting point with your instrument already assembled and ready to play!
Memorial Day Parade route


Recommended LYRE and FOLIO for each instrument - these can be purchased at any music store:

Flute = Flutist's Friend
Flute players do not need a lyre as this will not attach to your instrument but will strap on your arm.
Clarinet = Clarinet Lyre and Folio
Clarinet players attach this lyre to the middle ring between the upper and lower portions of the instrument.
Saxophones = Sax Lyre and Folio
Saxophone players will attach this lyre to the holder just below the neck of the instrument.
Trumpet and Trombone = Clip-On Folio
Trumpet and Trombone players can use this clip-on folio without a lyre - it attaches right on the bell of the instrument.
Folio = a marching flip folder that holds your music.


Here's a Trumpet Clip-On Folio:



Here's a Trombone Clip-On Folio: